Authors should have a website. Why?
If you want to find out more about a writer what do you do?
I bet you punch their name into your internet search engine in the hope to find a website that will give all the info you're looking for.

It's a MUST for you as an author to have a website that shows the world what you do. Let me tell you why...

  • A website shows professionalism - it helps you stick out from the rest of the competition, it shows 
    readers and editors you're serious about what you do and it's a chance for you to let them into your world.
  • A website is a great marketing tool - from your website you can direct readers to your social media platforms and, even better, the places from where they can purchase your book(s).
  • Create a following with a newsletter - readers can subscribe to a newsletter via your website with which you can keep readers up-to-date with your latest news. They can benefit from certain things such as a sneak peek at a chapter of the book you're writing. Doing this sort of thing keeps your readers engaged and wanting to find out more therefore building anticipation for your next book. When you do finally publish your next book your followers will want to buy your book and no doubt they'll celebrate with you on social media which is a lovely thing. You can also use your newsletter to find out more about your audience - for example sending them a questionnaire about their thoughts on characters and what they'd like to see more of.
  • Blog opportunity - your website will provide you with the tools to keep a blog which you can use to build a connection with your readers by providing them with insights to how you work and it keeps you writing!
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