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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Gregory Mark Haynes has lead such an adventurous life and put together 51 stories sharing his memories of travel, exploring, wildlife, and so much more! If you're intrigued by how others live their life then his book will be, without any doubt, right up your street.

What inspired you to write Memories are Made of This?

I originally started writing a few very short versions of the stories in my book for the amusement of the members of a Facebook group, some of whom recommended I compile them into a book. So I did.

What kind of readers do you think will enjoy this book?

People who like memoirs, biographies, true stories, adventure, wildlife, hiking, travel, different cultures and outdoor life.

How long did it take you to write this book?

I started compiling the 51 stories in May 2020 and published at the start of September 2020.

Have you written this book purely based on what you remember or are you someone who likes to keep a diary/journal that would have perhaps made writing this a little easier?

Most of this book is written from memory, but some parts have required research and interviews. Developing the webpage companion was a huge challenge (see image below).

I created the webpage companion as a free online resource, hosted on my website, allowing readers of my book to access maps, photos and other info that I didn't want to put into the book because it would have made the book a few thousand pages long. For example, if I talk about the Kruger National Park in the book, then in the webpage companion, I provide a link to a map of where the park is located, a whole array of photos, and also some websites that provide detailed information about the park, which the reader of my book can choose to view, if they want that level of detail. the webpage address to the webpage companion is provided in the Introduction of the book.

For FREE access to the webpage companion click on the above image or the following link:

Can you provide a snippet from your book that doesn’t appear in the blurb?

“After about two hours of walking we reached the start of the turn towards the camp. We noticed a vibration in the earth below us. What was happening? An earthquake? The shaking was becoming more violent, and the noise was deafening.

Then we walked over a ridge and onto the plain. We still couldn’t see anything but the noise became louder and louder“.

True story, The Ezemvelo Ostrich.

Had you always intended to write a book?

I had always wanted to but never really made the time and I was never sure how to do it.

Is this the first book you’ve written? If so, have you got the bug and intend to write more?

This is my first book. I’ve chosen to write in a conversational style, as though I am telling the story directly to the reader, so my personality becomes apparent from the start. I would love to write more, if and when I am inspired to do so.

Did you publish this book yourself or did you use a publishing house?

I published using my own imprint, Grenyah Publishers.

What have been the highlights of writing your book? Have there been any surprises?

The biggest surprise was how fast all the stories poured out of me, through my fingers and into the word processor. The number of words kept increasing. Even when I thought I was finished, more stories came to mind that I wanted to include in the book. Not surprisingly, the most memorable highlight was the day it was published.

If your book was made into a movie which celebrities would you choose to star in it? More importantly who would play you?

I think it might be tricky to make a movie of this book because it is a book of short stories, in no particular order, over the course of my lifetime. A director would need to capture my quirkiness because I have a personality type that is represented by only three percent of the population.

What have the responses been like from readers so far?

Readers find the free webpage companion intriguing and also say it is a great way to enhance how they visualise the stories. Other readers like the conversational style I have used in the book.

Do you have any advice to anyone writing a book?

Just do it. Start somewhere, anywhere. The rest will follow, if you are determined to complete it. I was very fortunate to have some very supportive friends who helped me throughout the whole process. My parents were a great resource for the details.

Who is your favourite author?

I don’t have a favourite author. I try to vary what I read.

What are you reading at the moment?

I just finished reading a play about the rise to fame of Benny Hill, the British comedian. It was written by a primary school friend of mine, Chad. We attended the same school in Australia. When we reconnected a few years ago on Facebook, I discovered he loved acting and writing plays. It is one of the few texts I have read that brought a tear to my eye not once, but three times. He is very talented and gifted.

What was your favourite book as a child?

In Australia, my parents owned a really big Webster Universal Dictionary (pictured below), the unabridged international version, which was colour illustrated. It kept me entertained for years. It had so many words and pictures in it, it was like having access to the internet. Amazingly, I found one on ebay over the weekend in good condition, but sadly it is in Australia and too heavy to post to the UK.

Amazingly, considering this dictionary is 52 years old, published 1968, there is one for sale in Australia on ebay!

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