Children will crack open their thoughts and feelings after reading this playful and imaginative book

Jeff Goodman is kickstarting 2021 with the launch of his debut book Feel Like Eggs? Many who have had the joy in getting their hands on a copy of his book have spoken with such positivity about it. 2020 was tough on everyone, including children, and this new year hasn't began that smoothly either. I believe that Feel Like Eggs? is a perfect book for young children right now. It's sure to bring a smile to their faces and give them better understanding of their feelings and emotions.

Jeff Goodman tells us more...

There’s something about children’s books that always stuck with me: the simplicity of the illustrations in Harold and the Purple Crayon, the clever use of puns in The Phantom Tollbooth, the powerful message of The Giving Tree. However, when I became a parent in 2019, I reconnected with children’s literature in a new and even more meaningful way. I had wanted to write a children’s book for years, and I decided it was time to try my hand at it!

My name is Jeff Goodman, and I’m delighted to share that my debut children’s book, Feel Like Eggs?, is out now and available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and local bookstores via IndieBound.

The book features a carton of a dozen eggs, each with a different emotion revealed through a different egg dish. It’s a rhyming introduction to social-emotional learning, and it’s the answer to the question, “Why express yourself when you can eggs-press yourself?” Especially in these difficult times, it’s a fun way for kids to develop a stronger understanding of the feelings they experience on a daily basis. It’s primarily intended for children up to age 6.

I am honored to have received a testimonial from Lori Gottlieb, the New York Times bestselling author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone:

Feel Like Eggs? is not only charming and heartfelt, but also a brilliant social-emotional learning tool. Jeff Goodman’s debut will have kids cracking up — and cracking open about their emotions. This is a deliciously imaginative picture book that puts some protein into storytime.”

As an independent author, I am grateful for the guidance I received from Susan Shakin of Precocity Press and for the wonderful illustrations by Gabriella Urbina. I am also especially thankful for my wife, who put me in touch with Susan as part of a birthday present. Feel Like Eggs? would not have been possible without any of them.

I have a full-time job in communications, but I hope to continue writing children’s books; I already have a few draft manuscripts in the works. For now, I’m looking forward to sharing Feel Like Eggs? and connecting with readers along the way!

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