Coping with Pain - holistic therapy could be your answer!

Updated: Jan 11

Shropshire therapist, Sue Rigby, offers answers to anyone who's suffering on any level. She is about to have her debut book published so although the pandemic is making life difficult for everyone, Sue can still reach out to you and get you on the path to recovery.

By the way, do you like her book cover? Me too, if I don't say so myself. I had the joy in designing it for Sue and she was a delight to work with! Sue is my guest blogger this week so please read on to find out more about Sue's work.

As a complimentary therapist offering energy healing, I regularly come into contact with so many people who are suffering every conceivable kind of pain on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. I am often contacted when people have exhausted the normal medical route and not found the relief they are seeking. Others simply prefer a more holistic approach. I have drawn on their experiences, along with my own and those of fellow therapists, to bring you some thoughts on the causes of pain and alternative ways to cope with them.

The causes of pain can range from simple accidents, injuries and disease to our own behaviours and the behaviours of other people and organisations, stress, isolation, grief, abuse and the environment in which we live. I take a look at how the way we live may have an impact on our health and I have tried to remain neutral and offer perspective from both sides of the discussions.

Our world and our lives can be changed in an instant. Conversely you can see changes on the horizon and have time to adapt to them. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives over an extended period of time. Even so, some changes to our lives have been introduced rapidly, sometimes immediately. Some of us can adapt to and easily cope with change. For others it is much more difficult. Add fear into the equation and everything changes.

The pandemic is only one example of how things outside our individual control can have an impact on our lives.

Fellow therapists have happily shared their expertise, offering advice on how some complimentary and alternative therapies can help bring relief from pain of all kinds. Many of those therapists are also instructors in their field.

I hope that my book can operate as a starting point on your path back to health and give you some insights on how you may help yourself.

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