Blog off! I don't believe it...

What on earth am I playing at! I'm blogging! It's never really interested me before to do such a thing as I'm rubbish with words. Well, the words are all set out in my head but fall apart on their way down to my mouth and a whole load of gobbledygook falls out. Hence why I just stick with the book cover designing and illustration but, I thought ah... why not. I'll give this blogging malarkey a go!

Firstly, apologies to you all including writers, authors, etc for any grammatical errors. Oh, and to my dad who will cringe at some of these errors, too. I might just throw some in on purpose just to rock the boat!

So, what shall I blog about? Book cover designing seems an obvious thing, wouldn't you say. My children asked me last night; "Mum, what do you do in the house when we're at school?" "I create book covers for authors. Tomorrow I'll be doing Kath's cover," I replied. Katharine E. Smith is an Amazon best-selling author and we know her very well. That's right, she and her family are good friends of ours. Sorry, I'm boasting! My children wanted to ask me more so at this point I was feeling very important to talk about my work to them. "Mum, do you talk to yourself when you're on your own?" Okay, so I wasn't expecting that. I should have known. " Yes, I do!" I replied. "What about singing?" "Yep!" "Dancing?" "Yep!" It keeps me sane.

Joking aside, this post is really to let you lovely people who have taken the time to read this know what you're likely to see on my blog. I am hoping to have some guest authors to share a bit about their world as a writer with some tips for other writers and authors. I will also share new work of mine and a sneak peak now and then of my illustrations. I have illustrated a few books and I hope to do more. If you have any questions you would like me to relay to the guest authors or questions for myself as a designer/illustrator please feel free to add them to the comments.

Have a lovely week!

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